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Auto Miles 191215 DOES NOT RUN $900 BUY IT NOW!!!
Auto Miles 174001 $8875 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 150574 $8500 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 47806 $26000 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 166594 $16000 BUY IT NOW!!!
Auto Miles 76684 WRECKED $2575 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 144745 $4050 SOLD SOLD
Manual Miles 154536 DOES NOT RUN $3175 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 143390 WRECKED $550 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 143533 $3600 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 199988 $2500 BUY IT NOW!!!
Auto Miles 121219 $3500 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 84604 $26500 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 264462 $7725 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 154589 $2100 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 186877 SALVAGE TITLE $1700 SOLD SOLD
2012 Forest River Rockwood 8312SS $8500 SOLD SOLD
Manual Miles 18121 $4100 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 1059 $5000 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 3861 $16100 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 60909 DIESEL $30100 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 117101 $5450 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 205335 $2025 SOLD SOLD
Auto Miles 81215 $2075 SOLD SOLD
2023 Coleman Lantern 17B $9500 PENDING
Auto Miles 147086 $2000 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 11:00 AM
Auto Miles 142767 $3000 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 11:30 AM
Auto Miles 151923 $8600 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 12:00 PM
2015 Tracker Marine Targe V18 with 2015 Trail Star 8x24 Boat Trailer $10000 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 12:30 PM
Auto Miles 182117 $1000 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 01:00 PM
Auto Miles 123395 $18000 Auction Ends 07-23-2024 At 01:30 PM
Auto Miles UNKNOWN DOES NOT RUN $500 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 11:00 AM
Auto Miles 259700 $625 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 11:30 AM
Auto Miles 155088 DOES NOT RUN $500 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 12:00 PM
Auto Miles 217476 $8000 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 12:30 PM
Auto Miles 191953 $500 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 01:00 PM
Auto Miles 232012 $1500 Auction Ends 07-25-2024 At 01:30 PM


Policy & Procedure for Placing a Sealed Bid

Policies and procedures have been established to protect both the buyer and the seller. The buyer shall review the following. The buyer acknowledges their understanding of the same by placing the bid.

  1. Pictures don't tell the whole story please come and inspect these Vehicles!
  2. All Bids shall be submitted and accepted in strict confidence.
  3. All Bids must be qualified. Buyer will have certified funds available, at the time of bid.
  4. Your Bid is a binding legal Contract.
  5. Bids will be accepted in increments of $25. ie $25 $50 $75...on so on.
  6. All potential Buyers have the right to inspect vehicles prior to bidding at 1425 E. 54th St. N, Sioux Falls, S.D..
  7. Bids are taken on the Internet until the stop time of the auction. After the bid stop on the Internet we call anyone that bid in the last 24 hours. Not everyone can be in front of a computer on a weekday. This allows people that don't have access to the Internet during the day to be part of the auction. The Auction is settled with a Conference call. If you bid in the last 24 hours you will be a part of the Auction.
  8. Upon Acceptance of high bid, the buyer has 48 hours to deliver a cashiers check or cash in the amount of the purchase price along with a $159.75 buyers fee to Dakota Adjusters.
  9. Lienholder reserves the right to Accept any bids.
  10. All sales are on an "as is" "where is" basis with no guarantees expressed or implied as to the mechanical or physical condition of the vehicle.
  11. The information on this Website is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Any questions? Please contact us by phone at 605.338.7331

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